The Project
The Project

The visually captivating project aims to inspire the public imagination. Participants and viewers will also come to understand the site and be aware of its history, its beauty and even to visualize its evolution, after experiencing the projects different components/presentations. People will be enticed to learn, see and understand for themselves the significance and potential that this Islands district holds, and enjoy the experience.

Vision:Chaudière will be a multi-track series of happenings. A range of elements to the project are being created.  Please note that developments are in their early stages and are presented as working concepts.  The menu at left provides information on the anticipated elements under consideration.

Vision:Chaudière is intended to:

  • Tell an inspiring story;
  • Create an artistic expression in and of itself and a significant cultural event;
  • Showcase this remarkable historic place; reveal its qualities and interpret its values, to a wide public;
  • Engage a broad audience with interests ranging from art to history to spirituality to environment;
  • Help to preserve and enhance the history and natural beauty of the site and ultimately make it better known and accessible;
  • Act as a catalyst to further adaptive reuse and sustainable infill development so that the district eventually evolves into a mixed-use agora, or “people-place”, a kaleidoscope of new life in the Capital, evolving out of its past identities.
  • Reveal real opportunities for revitalization, including start-up projects like a public pathway system; educational projects such as a smart-phone/hand-held device based interpretive program; conservation projects like naturalization and building preservation; and elements of the complete revitalization of the district as per the current or future-evolved Master Plan;
  • Build Partnerships and Networks that will participate and provide wider synchronicities.


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.

Dr. Seuss (and twitter post by J. Paul Getty Museum@GettyMuseum)


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Project Sponsors & Partners
Project Sponsors & Partners
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