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Hydro Power Generating Stations

Energy Ottawa operates two ‘run-of-the-river’ hydroelectric generating stations on the Ottawa River, less than 1.5 km from Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa’s core. It produces more than 125,000-megawatt hours of Tier III EcoLogoM certified green power – “the greenest electricity in Canada.”

Built in 1900, Generating Station No. 4 is operated on (Victoria Island on) land owned by the Government of Canada. Generating Station 2, (on Amelia Island) which is leased from the National Capital Commission, was built in 1891.

As run-of-the-river generating stations, their construction did not require flooding to create a reservoir. Rather, they take advantage of the river’s natural drop in elevation, and use a ring dam (c. 1910) to direct water toward the turbines. These Hydro facilities are one of the most efficient means of generating electricity, and create no air pollution.

Both stations… were completely refurbished in 2004-2005 and 2001 respectively, and were both equipped with state-of-the-art automated monitoring systems to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs – the heritage of Chaudière’s two turn-of-the-century generating stations was preserved during refurbishment.

Computerized sensors now monitor all aspects of the operation, with control from an office on-site or from several miles away. As a testament to the history of hydro generation the original dials, meters and switches remain in the building.

The refurbished stations achieve the most efficient use of water resources, reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability and safety. In 2007, Energy Ottawa added a third generating station at Chaudière Falls. A recycled turbine and generator were salvaged from an old hydro station in west Quebec and have been added to increase generating capacity. Natural Resources Canada provided assistance with computerized high efficiency turbine design. The work was carried out by (a Canadian firm) which has specific expertise in heritage generating stations.

The refurbishment has boosted the stations combined output from 69 GWH to almost 110 GWH per year of electricity—enough to supply all of the annual electricity needs of the nearby Parliament Buildings four times over.

Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program recognizes products and services that have less impact on the environment. Energy Ottawa’s GS No. 2 & No. 4, are among only a handful of generating facilities in Canada to receive this distinction.

(This information is available from Energy Ottawa literature)

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