Brief History
Serving the first Canadian Foreign Market

Source: Radisson et GroseillersEstabliched the Fur Trade in the Great North West, 1669, Archibald Bruce Stapleton, 1917-1950, MuséeMc Cord d’histoirecanadienne

European demand for Canadian furs was strong for two centuries, with the beaver particularly prized. Champlain first organized the fur trade in this region via his efforts to establish improved fur trade with the Huron Nation. The first major mission for the fur industry through the Chaudière was that of des Grosseilleurs and Radisson in 1656, with a group of Aboriginals of the Ottawa (Outaouais) Nation, after whom the river is now named. Initially competitors in the trade, the North West Company and the Hudson Bay Company merged in 1821. Trade in furs peaked in the mid-19th century, after thousands of tons of furs had been portaged through the Chaudière. Meanwhile, the Chaudière was becoming known for much more…

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